The Hummus Enforcement Agency / The Hummus Law

and most of all hilarious film about the day after the national dish has been outlawed, about the dark truth behind the draconian law and the everyday people caught in the web. A highbrow parable? Well-honed satire? Just people going nuts? You be the judge

The Hummus Enforcement Agency" was produced independently, without commercial sponsorship and not for profit; the actors and crew participated voluntarily, and the props and locations were either created by the actors or were put at their disposal out of pure kindness

Among the actors are some of the leading lights of the Israeli online scene and media personalities past and present, such as journalist Michele Dor (Walla, YNET), blogger Shooky Galili (Hummus for the Masses), radio newscaster Noam Aviram (IDF Radio, Gagalatz, IBA), Or-Ly Barlev (Haaretz, Radio Channel B, The Situation Room) and others

The film includes guest appearances by Knesset members. social activists, and surprising figures from Tel Aviv's night-life scene

"The Hummus Enforcement Agency" is an innovative film, conceptually and technically, created under unusual circumstances and to be distributed in unconventional ways. It has no professional actors but a surprising array of talents. This is one of the funniest, most thought-provoking films you'll see this year

About the creators

"The Hummus Enforcement Agency" is a film by Eran Vered, a video photographer and editor, online and offline peace and social justice activist and member of the free code community. Vered is the author of dozens of YouTube viral hits and internet creations that have appeared on mainstream media outlets

He delegated the writing of press releases to a third party, on the off-chance of getting a compliment or two, but that's pretty much the only thing he didn't do on this film. Vered wrote the script, directed, shot and edited the film, as well as managing to enlist dozens of suckers for this unique project

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